RHOSONICS 9710 静态乳化液分层测量仪

For separation processes of binary liquids

Model 9710 provides emulsion scanning and mapping capabilities in a static environment. This tool is excellent when it comes to studying the break-down/separation process of emulsions in a controlled environment,. It can also be used to test stabilizers in food and dairy products. Finally, it can also be used to test the efficiency of additives that speed up the breakdown of crude oil emulsions. In a temperature-controlled water tank, a cell containing liquid or slurry is settled. By scanning the cell from bottom to top repeatedly, the separation of, let’s say, oil in water is shown on a screen. Other binary liquids can also be scanned in order to study the separation process, such as alcohol and acids. An ultrasonic sensor can be a good addition in those cases where cameras are used.




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