RHOSONICS 9700 超声乳化液和悬浮液分析仪

Introduction to emulsion profile mapping

Developments in oil exploration, as well as a growing demand to better understand emulsion formation and breakdown, has increased the demand for instrumentation by both scientists and process operators. Rhosonics, an expert in non-destructive testing using ultrasonic techniques, has made its inventions and technologies work in a new and powerful instrument product line. These new devices allow real-time studying of emulsions, virtually mapping concentration levels in both static and dynamic separation processes.

Crude oil/water emulsion profiling

Existing subsea oil fields suffer from a growing amount of water-cut, but also new fields tend to produce vast amounts of water, often in the form of emulsion. Systems developed by Rhosonics can help in oil exploration by providing answers with regards to how well additives are able to separate the emulsion in water into free oil and clean brine.



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