RHOSONICS 9590 多组分溶液分析仪

Concentration meter for dual chemicals: intrusive system

This model is ideal for applications where two chemicals need to be measured, such as H2S04 & Cu++ and HCl & FeCl2. These liquids are commonly used in electroplating and pickling applications. Two concentrations are determined by measuring the velocity of soundy, temperature, and conductivity. Model 9590 and model 9595 measure the sound velocity and ultrasonic density with an ultrasonic probe; no other sensors are required, which is a large advantage. The ultrasonic probe is made from Hastelloy and PEEK, and is mounted in a PVDF or PVC cell (which makes it a bypass). Other mounting options are possible on request.

For less abrasive media, such TMAH+PR, we recommend the use of our model 9570. PEEK is a very abrasive and corrosion resistant material, which makes this model a high quality sensor that can be used in very harsh media. The difference between Model 9590 andModel 9595 are the options for installation: Model 9595 can be used for wafers in pipelines.



  • Chemical industries, Semiconductor and flat panel, Mining, Metals & Mineral Processing


  • Measuring concentrations of ternary liquids (dual chemicals)

Measurement parameters:

  • Sound velocity
  • Density
  • Temperature

Possible sensor installations:

  • UHP-50 Series
  • UDP Diver Probe Series (on request)

Sensor/cell specifications:

  • Max pressure: 3 bar
  • Process connection: ¾” BSP connection
  • Temperature range: 0-130 °C
  • Wetted parts: PVDF, PEEK, Hastelloy

Readout and Housing:

  • Weatherproof housing/Explosion proof housing/Split Unit housing
  • 5,7” Color Touch Screen
  • Main screen with following characters;
  • Temperature & concentration displayed


  • Power supply: 24VDC or 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Communication: 4-20mA, RS485/RS422 using Modbus

Optional: Ethernet, HART, Profibus

  • USB for data logging

Measurement specifications:

  • Concentration accuracy: Typically ± 0.1% of reading or 0.05% of range
  • Temperature accuracy: up to ±0.01 °C
  • Response time: 0-90 s (adjustable)




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